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Alaska Sausage & Seafood:
Ionsmoke reduces 275 tons of CO2

The family business in Anchorage, headed by Martin Eckmann, focuses on the production of European-inspired sausage specialties and wild salmon. Four Ionsmoke modules are used in the smokehouse. This means that smoking can be carried out more quickly and fine dust can be completely eliminated – with the same high quality. In the past, the afterburners in the chimneys swallowed over 100 million liters of gas every year. Thanks to Ionsmoke, Alaska Sausage & Seafood not only got rid of the gas bill, but also reduced CO2 emissions by 275 tons a year.

Best of all: Thanks to the faster smoking times, the number of passes per day could be increased from 3 to 4

Heinzer Butchery
Muotathal spirit of innovation

Since it was founded in 1920, the company has grown to over 50 employees. The Heinzer family and their team produce the finest meat specialties that are known far beyond central Switzerland. The traditional company demonstrated a spirit of innovation and was one of the very first to start using ionization to make incense. By smoking with Ionsmoke, the treatment times for weathered sweets, ham or farmer’s bacon are shorter and the weight loss is lower.

Mark Butchery
Prättigau quality

From the slaughter to the processed meat specialty, everything is processed under one roof at the Mark butcher in Prättigau, in-house and according to high quality standards. The smoke systems are controlled with the EB1 and the processes are recorded with EBLuft.

Claudia’s famous Musegg-Bröckl

With a lot of passion, Claudia Speck-Schlauri produces her famous Musegg-Bröckli in the farm’s own smokehouse, which even made it into the Lidl range. Claudia Speck uses Ionsmoke to smoke the Appenzell specialty. In 2018 she was one of the first users to install the innovative process technology.

Ospelt Food AG:
Longtime partner

«Better. Malbuner.” – Every child in Switzerland knows this charcuterie brand. The controls from E&B Räuchertechnologie AG are used in the production of Malbuner, the other Ospelt brands, and all other meat products. More than 45 E&B controls are in operation at the Weite, Sargans and Bendern locations in eastern Switzerland and the collaboration dates back to the mid-1990s. Together, the group and its 1,800 employees generate annual sales of around CHF 700 million.

Ungarische Spezialitäten
Creative early adopter

At the Berg site, just a 10-minute drive from the E&B headquarters, Swiss meat is processed into Hungarian meat specialties according to traditional recipes. The resourceful managing director Bela Süli was one of the very first to use the new EB1 control in 2020.

Springvale Fine Foods

North of Alberta, Canada, this multi-family community has been living and producing for over 100 years. Beef, pork and poultry are produced in a humane and sustainable manner that exceeds all standards. In the Springvale Fine Foods colony, the smoking systems are operated with EB1 controls. The EBLuft software enables fast and uncomplicated remote maintenance from Switzerland to solve problems or optimize processes.
Micarna AG:
over 25 years of partnership with EB
Micarna AG is one of the largest meat processors in Switzerland and has been a customer of EB for many years. It employs around 3,200 people and generates annual sales of around CHF 1.8 billion. More than 50 of our controls are in daily use in Courtepin. The large company produces around 160,000 tons of meat every year.

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