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The PLATIUM 9000 for Tumbler

With the new Platium 9000 for tumblers, we guarantee reliable, safe operation around the clock. With memory functions for up to 45 programs with 30 steps each, you can save each recipe individually. The initial and final values for the operating and core temperature are freely programmable. Target values for the rotational speed of the massage drum and for the vacuum are also freely programmable from 0-100%. The remaining working time for the running process can be changed while the program is running. You can manage the programs conveniently on the computer. The controller has an outside temperature control with which the ambient temperature is monitored and can give an alarm signal in the event of an error.

What can the Platium do

In the event of a power interruption, the current data is stored. After the power is switched on again, the device continues to operate in the interrupted program. Further monitoring criteria are: Operating temperature, core temperature sensor and pressure sensor, pressure for compressed air and steam. In the background, we continuously check the program contents by means of cross-sum checks. In this way, we always guarantee the same products.

No matter which Tumbler brand you own, we can install the control. Either directly with a new system or during retrofitting.

  • As control for new plant units
  • As retrofit kit for existing plant units

Overal information

Delivery times approx. 4 weeks after order placement.

Test installation possible for 3 months on site according to separate offer.

In addition to the installation, we configure the control system with you. We optimize existing programs and can avoid unnecessary weight losses with new functions. In addition, we save energy for your operation. We always put the quality of the product first. Our control system is used worldwide in almost all systems available on the market. Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Croatia, China, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Alaska, Japan and Australia. The control system is extremely easy to operate thanks to the dialogue guidance.


  • Reduction of energy costs

  • Energy-optimized cooking processes

  • Reduction of weight loss

  • Weight loss measurement

  • F-value controller and C-value control

  • Most modern data collection

  • recipe entry

  • Intelligent heating controllers

  • Personal identification

  • Monitoring of core temperature control with second sensor

  • Control after several core temperature sensors

  • 24 months warranty

  • Installation on systems of all existing brands

  • Program management on the PC

  • Error forwarding via e-mail and SMS

  • References worldwide

  • Reduction of production risk

Technical details about the Platium 9000

Power supply

Separate transformer mounted on its own board and mounting plate with mains filter and terminal strips for wiring with relay board and mains.

  • Entry

    230 VAC

  • Dimension

    Width: 120 mm
    Length: 160 mm
    Height: 80 mm

  • Mains voltage

    230 VCA

  • Inputs

    Potential voltage
    3 sensors PT-100 two-piece probe
    2 optocouplers 220V

  • Outgoings

    24 relays

  • Number of programs


  • Number of steps per program


  • Options

    5 sensor inputs
    6 optocouplers
    8 relay outputs
    2 RS232 interfaces

Dimensions Platium 9000

Width: 340 mm (260 mm)
Height: 260 mm (340 mm)
Depth: 85 mm ( 85 mm)

Power section

Relay board with 24 relays, 24 RC elements, optocouplers and connector strip for wiring to peripherals.

Control panel

Plastic front panel with 17 keys incl. embossing. An LCD screen for displaying all data required for operation and maintenance. The dialog is also available with an additional language in German.

Low-voltage section

Logic board with CPU structure, slots for RAM and Flash-E-PROM, as well as a current loop interface for measurement data acquisition and an RS232 interface for communication with a PC and a 15-pin plug with the analog outputs.