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Efficient Product Smoking: IonSmoke

IonSmoke is a new patented technology that significantly improves the efficiency of smoke systems and can be retrofitted in any existing smoke house. With the help of IonSmoke, all smoke can be completely used up within the system without any smoke dust particle of it being exhausted. The smoke is electrostatically charged (ionized) with a high-voltage module and settles on the product “magnetically”. This speeds up the smoking process, avoids unnecessary weight loss, saves energy and eliminates particulate pollution.

This process can save up to 25% on your processing times.

Electrons accelerate smoke deposition.

The high-voltage electrodes we install, release electrons which are attracted to the product by electrostatic forces. Along the way, these electrons also charge the fine particulate matter of the smoke electrostatically (ionization), which drags them along to the product. This active process significantly accelerates the smoking process compared to the current passive deposition.

The process is based on the functioning of electrostatic fine dust filters. The fine dust emitted by wood-fired sores are deposited in the chimneys of a fireplace. We install such filters directly in the smoke system.

We have reduced the smoking time of bacon from two hours to twenty minutes with the use of IonSmoke in a closed smoke system with a sawdust smoke generator.

Ionsmoke Ionisierung Ion EBSmoke

Up to 4% weight savings

Ionsmoke Ionisierung Ion EBSmoke Cervelats Servelats

In warm and hot smoke the product remains heavier

The fact that weight is lost during warm and hot smoke is quite desirable. But there is a required weight loss and an unnecessary weight loss. For example, a product may have already achieved its desired weight loss, but the color is not yet achieved. To correct this, further cold or hot smoke steps must be carried out, and with each step the weight is further reduced unnecessarily and the product shrinks. These unwanted weight losses cost processing companies’ money. Resulting in lower product margins.
With IonSmoke it is possible to quickly apply the smoke on even very dry products. As a result, the weight loss can be precisely controlled and kept as low as possible.

One of our customers filled his sausage casings with 155g sausage meat so that he can then sell them with a guarantee weight of 140g. With IonSmoke, we speed up the process and reduce the time in the plant. Since then, the customer can fill his sausage casings with only 152g to get the same final weight.

Regular energy savings

IonSmoke saves heating effort

The ionization needs a maximum power of 60W, typically only 2W. The heating capacity of a small system is fast once at 30,000W. If the product is smoked faster thanks to IonSmoke, this saves electricity for smoke generators and heating rods.

With IonSmoke, the smoke generator is used less, and the product can move faster to the next production step. This not only saves energy, but also reduces the burden on the plant. All this is seamlessly taken over by our control system.

Ionsmoke Module Leistungsteil Hochspannungsmodul EBsmoke Steuerung

No more smoke particle emissions

IonSmoke 6-Trolley

The basis: No Fine Dust Particles

The initial idea for Ionsmoke came from Ernst Goldener. He wanted to filter the smoke before it was released into the environment, in order to relieve his neighbours. Once he understood the electrostatic principle, he wanted to build everything directly into the system. The result. Economical smoking, with measurable 98% less particulate emissions. But to make it ready for the market he needed another Expert.

That is when EBSmoke with Bruno Eigenmann entered the picture. Bruno had a vast knowledge on treating and smoking food products. He has been in the industry for over 40 years. Together with the E&B Team and some Pioneer-Butchers we developed the new Ionsmoke-Processes. We developed new Algorithms for our controllers which were corresponding dynamically with every new System we installed Ionsmoke.

Retrofittable for any vertically flowing system

Service provider for assembly and process engineering

As a service provider for assembly and process engineering, we are the only retrofitters for IonSmoke modules worldwide. The modules fit on any vertically ventilated smoke system and are seamlessly connected to our control system. Smoking remains conventionally possible, if desired. Our controls can be retrofitted on any system.

With the use of IonSmoke, of course, the process technology or the optimal use of the smoke system also changes. We help you customize your recipes. Important: You can still use the system conventionally. There are no compromises when it may have to be cleaned either. The module is water- and steam-proof and survives every usual dry cleaning of a plant.

The photo below, shows a retrofitted IonSmoke module

Nachrüstkit Ionsmoke Hochspannung EBSmoke