Smoking without fine dust, fast and energy-saving

We want to preserve the tradition of smoking – and do justice to environmental and climate protection. That is why we have further developed the millennia-old process.

With Ionsmoke in your smokehouse, you save energy, are ready much faster and eliminate fine dust. Ionsmoke controls the smoke density so that products are always of the same quality.

Up to 70% faster smoking times

Ionsmoke works with high-voltage electrodes that ionize the smoke particles in the air. Electrostatic forces then pull them towards the product like magnets. With this process we speed up the smoking process considerably.

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Mehrkapazität / Jahr

We reduced the bacon smoking time from six hours to an hour and a half by using Ionsmoke.

Up to 4% more yield

The fact that weight is lost during warm and hot smoking is definitely desirable. But there is a required weight loss and an unnecessary weight loss. For example, a product can already have achieved its desired weight loss before the color is right. With each smoking step, the weight is further reduced unnecessarily – the product literally goes up in smoke. With Ionsmoke’s fast smoking times, these unwanted weight losses can be avoided.

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100 CHF
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100 CHF
Mehrumsatz / Jahr

One of our customers fills his sausage casings with 155g so that he can then sell them with a guarantee of 140g. With Ionsmoke we accelerate the process and reduce the time in the plant. Since then, the customer has been able to fill his sausage casings with only 152g in order to get the same final weight.

We measure the smoke for stable quality

With the help of the EB1 controller and EBLuft you can control and monitor the smoking process and achieve great results.

Up to 98% less fine dust

The original idea came from Ernst Goldener. He wanted to filter the smoke before it was released into the environment to relieve his neighborhood. Instead of ionizing the smoke in the chimney, he tried to do it directly in the chamber. After initial successes, the EBSmoke team around Bruno Eigenmann came into play. With great knowledge about the treatment and smoking of food they created the Ionsmoke system.

Replacing gas powered afterburners with ion smoke:
69.75t C02 savings per year and plant.

That corresponds to approx. 420 trees.*

*Assumption: 6 adult trees store 1t C02 per year. (69.75t / 1t * 6 trees = 418.5 trees)

Can be retrofitted for smoke systems with vertical flow

Ionsmoke fits any vertically ventilated smoke system and works seamlessly with a special EBSmoke control system. Conventional smoking is still possible if desired.

We’ll help you customize your recipes for Ionsmoke. The module is watertight and vapor-tight and withstands any normal cleaning of a system.