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The EBSmoke-Team.

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E&B Räuchertechnologien AG was founded in 1985 and has since grown into a global network. E&B Räuchertechnologien AG and its customers can call on the knowledge and expertise of proven specialists worldwide at any time for any topic in the butchery, cheese dairy and vegetable industries.

Bruno Eigenmann

Founder & Technology Expert
Managing Director

Vanessa Meijer

Backoffice & Administration
Executive Board

Peter Loewe

Sales & Service

Sebastian Schnyder


Philipp Berchtold

Service & Innovation
Executive Board

Every day we produce in thousands of plant units, which are equipped with our controllers. Whether these are hot smoke, cooking, baking, intensive cooling systems, climatic smoke or post-ripening systems, drying rooms, autoclaves or tumblers is irrelevant to us. We help wherever we can. In seemingly hopeless situations we have already proven our professional competence sufficiently.