EB1 Steuerung für Rauchanlagen

EB1: Latest generation smoke control system

Control system of the latest generation for smoking systems.

Can be retrofitted to all existing systems in 1.5 days.

Based on 35 years of experience of EB.

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Modern & simple design

A large, bright and easy to read screen, four buttons underneath, that’s it.

EB Smoke Icon UserExperience

Simple and intuitive handling

There is no user manual for the EB1. The controls are as simple as using your own cell phone. It is immediately understandable and applicable.

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complete process technology

Set programs, smoke quantity, durations, core temperature, etc. yourself. 99 programs à 99 steps. Or we help with the recipe creation.

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Retrofitting to all systems in 1.5 days

In 1.5 days we change the control system on your existing machinery – no matter what brand, no matter what age. Retrofittable for cold, warm and hot smoke systems, universal systems, smoke and cooking systems, air conditioning and climate control smoke systems, ripening systems, cooking chambers and pasteurizers.

Thumbnail of EB1 Download SlideDeck

Download Info-PDF (15 pages, 1.5MB)

«Everything you need to know about the EB1»: 15 page PDF containing all the important information about the EB1 controller – development history and project references included.

With the EB1 control system, you are ready for the future of meat treatment.

Ready for Ionsmoke

Smoking with ionization
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up to 70% faster smoking times
up to 4% more yield
up to 98% less fine dust emission

Ready for EBLuft

Record and visualize data
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24/7 recording of treatments
Visualization in diagrams
Error messages via mail/SMS

Have we sparked your interest?

The EB1 controller can be retrofitted to all existing systems. Do not hesitate and ask for a non-binding offer.

+41 71 634 60 50 | p.berchtold[at]ebsmoke.com

EB1 Steuerung Board

Technical configuration

  • 32 relays

  • 10 optocouplers

  • 4 analog outputs 0-10V, 4-20 mA; e.g. for frequency converters and for dynamic heating and cooling

  • 3 PT-100 sensor inputs for accurate temperature measurement

  • 5 4-20 mA sensor inputs for climate and ripening rooms without smoke

Screen & Handlung

  • Screen with 85° viewing angle from both sides

  • Pleasant screen brightness (900 candela luminosity)

  • Touchscreen

  • Buttons for easy operation even when wearing gloves

EB1 Steuerung Screen

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