Replacing gas powered afterburners with ion smoke:
69.75t C02 savings per year and plant.

That corresponds to approx. 420 trees.*

case study

Customer in USA: afterburner with natural gas

The afterburner was needed to filter the smoke to keep it from escaping into the environment. With Ionsmoke, the afterburner for the smoke systems no longer has to run, since Ionsmoke filters the smoke. After three months of using Ionsmoke, we received the bill and the new, significantly lower natural gas consumption. 4 plants are in operation.

Calculation example based on measurements from Alaska Seafood:

Ø Natural gas consumption / month
12’000 m3
Ø Natural gas consumption / year
144’000 m3
CO2 reduction / year*, 4 systems
279.00 tons
CO2 reduction / year*, 1 system

With the use of Ionsmoke, 69.75 tons of CO2 are saved per system.
This corresponds approximately to the forest area marked above with 420 trees**.

*acc. EPA conversion
** Assumption: 6 mature trees store 1 t of CO2